The Silver Bullet system provides an innovative, commercial technology to condition agricultural drinking water for livestock. Silver Bullet Agricultural Services knows water is one of the most important elements in raising productive, healthy livestock. Untreated or poorly treated drinking water can carry bacteria, fungi and parasites and can cause disease or death.

Silver Bullet will treat the drinking water for animals and prevent a two-fold cost:
1. The first cost is care - to ensure animals are healthy and not diseased.
2. The second is the cost of lost production as unhealthy animals aren't growing or producing as rapidly as they should be.

The Silver Bullet system produces a complete biocide that has no taste or smell (chemically treated water is not palatable to animals).  By drastically reducing the presence of bacteria, animals will drink more water and remain healthy and productive.  The Silver Bullet system works by using ultraviolet light and other proprietary technology to create hydrogen peroxide, a tremendous biocide.  Hydrogen peroxide is non- toxic and tasteless and odorless, unlike other chemicals like chlorine.  

In agriculture, farmers are able to provide cleaner water to their livestock, greatly reducing the chance of disease spread through water from trough to trough. Bacteria in drinking water can lead animals to drink less and have a greater opportunity for sickness. Sick livestock presents a two-fold cost in both reduced production as well as the cost for care. Clean water for livestock is something that has long gone unaddressed, but there is now a solution in the Silver Bullet system. 


~ Safer than other Water Treatment Systems: The Silver Bullet System creates a non-toxic chemical in its closed system. Chemicals never need to be manually added to the system.

~Risk Free: The Silver Bullet system is rented on a monthly basis, so there is no capital expenditure for the customer, just a one-time installation fee.

~Simple to Install and Easy to Maintain: Installing the Silver Bullet system takes less than a day and can be activated with no disruption to the current water system. Once the system is installed, it requires no ongoing maintenance; monthly testing can proceed as with traditional chemical treatment.

~Reduces Need for Consumable Products: As the Silver Bullet system functions, it replaces the need for additives such as salt or chemicals to act as the biocide.


Air is passed through Silver Bullet's patented processor which combines UV treatment and additional elements which bombard O2 to create negatively charged oxygen ions (O-). This gas is bubbled into the farm's water supply, where the O- bonds with water to form hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Note that this system does not directly treat the water with UV light.
H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) produced by the Silver Bullet system kills and prevents bacterial growth and keeps calcium dissolved in solution to prevent scaling on pipes and all other parts of the livestock drinking water system. The Silver Bullet system also reduces the rate of corrosion by keeping minerals dissolved in the water, making the water less chemically active in dissolving the piping material. The Silver Bullet system is fully redundant for fail-safe, continuous operation, and retrofits into any farm in less than a day.


Bijou Hills Dairy
Bijou Hill Dairy has been using the Silver Bullet Water Treatment System for over 6 months. During the treatment Silver Bullet Agricultural Services has sampled several of the troughs at Bijou Hill Dairy and have sent them to Aerobiology for biological testing. The tests show 10,000 fold reduction in Coliforms, 100 fold reduction in HPC, a 10 fold reduction in Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph), a 10 fold reduction in E.Coli, and Listeria has nearly been eradicated. 
~Somatic cell count has gone down by 100,000 cells, and the lower cell count appears to be stable.
~In the milk chiller water we have seen a reduction of bacteria to an undetectable level.
~The cows are drinking out of troughs that they never used to drink out of. 
~We believe that the overall health of our heard is much better than we have ever seen it before.

Dairymen and farmers are a very busy group of individuals. In their busy lives they tend to neglect water quality and the importance that it may have upon their animals. Water quality is something that should be given more consideration in running an overall healthy farm. There are many harmful bacteria that are constantly growing in the animals' water troughs and the negative effects that these bacteria have on the health of our animals is sometimes lost in the mix of day to day operations.

Based on the facts above, Bijou Hill Dairy would highly recommend the Silver Bullet Water Treatment System to any fellow farmer or dairyman. It has greatly increased our overall water quality and we believe it would do the same for anyone who would give it a chance.
                                    ~Larry Pearson
                                        Bijou Hills Dairy

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