At Northwest Dairy Service we carry stock of Artex free-stalls. We have a wide range of mounting options available to meet each dairy's requirements including:

  • Artex's patented Floor Mount System
  • Standard wood post mounting systems
  • Steel post mounting systems
  • Bio-Rail System

Artex has created a Comfort Zone System to create an indoor environment closest to the natural pasture in order to increase rest time, reduce health issues and increase milk production of the herd. 

University and field studies have revealed three main issues related to Cow Comfort.

ENTRANCE: Cows that stand for hours and that are not fully in the stall are more prone to hoof issues and a decreased flow of blood to the udder which results in reduced milk production. 

  • ‚ÄčThe Artex stall design gives the animal ample space to enter the stall, lay down and rest in natural positions. 

LUNGING: Without proper lunge space a cow reacts with unnatural behavior when attempting to stand and is prone to serious leg or back injury.

  • The dimensions of the Comfort Zone System ensure the animal is able to rise from a lying position in a single, natural motion
  • The brisket and neck rail dimensions are designed to properly index the animal as she enters the stall to ensure that she doesn't lie too far forward and compromise her lunging ability

OVERCROWDING: Without proper spacing or the ability to lay down comfortably, the animal undergoes stress which directly impacts the production of milk. We believe animals need:

  • Freedom to lie on their sides, with unobstructed space for their neck and head
  • Freedom to rest their heads against their sides without hinderance from a partition
  • Freedom to rest with their legs, udder and tails on the platform
  • Freedom to stand or lie without fear or pain from neck rails, partitions or supports

Free stalls

" Certain cow behaviors will increase a dairy's milk production, significantly reduce bedding costs, ensure lower risk of injury to the animal, and ultimately increase the dairy's bottom line."

John de Jonge

President, Artex Barn Solutions