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DariTech is pleased to be the exclusive distributor of EYS Screw Press separators for the United States and Canada. By combining well established technology with the knowledge and wherewithal of DariTech, EYS produces the most effective screw press separators on the market today.

EYS has a variety of separators to choose from depending on your goals:

  • SP-600 This is our standard duty machine, capable of high capacity separation with production of a highly manageable stack of solids between 25% and 30% dry matter. The SP-600 is perfect for an operation that seeks to remove the fiber ahead of long term storage, and to stack that fiber in a neat and dry pile.

  • SP-600HD Developed exclusively for the preparation of the feedstock for DariTech’s BeddingMaster, the SP-600HD has heavy duty components coupled to a slow turning gearbox that dries solids in excess of the 35% dry matter required for effective composting. 

  • SP-800HD is a longer, higher capacity, faster turning separator for larger dairies with a need for solids greater than 32% dry for purposes such as green bedding.

Whatever your screw press separation needs, DariTech’s EYS separators can get the job done.

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