In response to the dairy industry's demand for a reliable, self cleaning manure separator at a reasonable price, DariTech developed the concept of an internally fed rotary screen with an external spray bar. We are pleased and proud to introduce the DT360, our rotary style manure separator.

The DT360 has many features which are attractive to dairymen as they balance performance, reliability and labor and maintenance costs with the manure handling challenges facing today’s dairies. Because your time, as well as your crew’s, are best spent on tasks which make the dairy more productive, time spent maintaining and cleaning screens is preferably minimized. The automated spray bar, that can be configured for any timing sequence, allows for ongoing cleaning of the screens with minimal labor required.

Our belt driven screen is simply the superior system on the market. Coupled with idler wheels with sealed stainless bearings, the DT360 promises extended periods of maintenance free operation, with infrequent belt changes being simple and inexpensive to perform. The DT360 is as trouble free as a machine can get.

dt360 separator

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