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DariTech is pleased to introduce its Biolynk system for the management of flush manure. From 100% manure collection in freestall operations to specialized use of parlor water in scrape systems, Biolynk will deliver the highest quality flush water along with superior solid capture rates.DariTech first developed the Biolynk system to serve a number of purposes. With the needs of the dairy in mind, first and foremost Biolynk provides a system with low maintenance and manpower requirements that provides immediate benefits such as:Solid Removal - By first settling the effluent off the primary separator, the performance of the secondary separation is greatly enhanced Flush Water Consistency - Biolynk provides the same high quality flush water all year long, resulting in cleaner lanes and healthier cows Added Storage Capacity - Because the lagoons are no longer in the flush loop, there is no need to maintain minimum levels, so they can be completely emptied at the start of storage seasonBiolynk is especially well suited to adaptations which effectively thicken and feed flush manure for systems such as anaerobic digesters. Only Biolynk provides an integrated manure management system that delivers the highest quality flush water for the dairy along with the highest solids capture for the digester.

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